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At the Okanagan Textbook Exchange, we sincerely appreciate your business. We are not a "Buyer Beware bookstore" and pride ourselves in selling you the books you require at a fair price. You can buy with confidence as we accept returns on used (along with new) textbooks you purchased before the start of classes. In reality, we have very few returns as we offer help understanding the booklists.

Sample Pricing for Summer Semester 2018:

Loose-Leaf Essentials of Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (with 6 month Launchpad access)
(3rd edition) by Nolan
New: $81.95
Loose-Leaf Invitation to the Life Span (with 6 month Launchpad access)
(2nd Canadian edition) by Berger
New: $83.95
Cultural Anthropology
(3rd Canadian edition) by Schultz
Used: $89.95
PKG Single Variable Calculus/Early Transcendentals with Student Solution Manual
(8th edition) by Stewart
Used: $124.50
Elements of Sociology: A Critical Canadian Introduction
(4th edition) by Steckley
Used: $67.50
(3rd Canadian edition) by Vogt
New: $196.95
Fundamental Accounting Principles (Volume 1 or Volume 2, w/Connect & Smartbook Combo)
(15th Canadian Edition) by Larson
New: $135.95
THINK (Marketing)
(2nd edition) by Tuckwell
New: $110.00 Used: $82.50
Principles of Macroeconomics
(8th edition) by Sayre
Used: $90.00
We can sell your used textbook to the US market for you (instant payment!)

Return Policy:

  • Our return policy includes used books (most schools have a return policy for new books only).
  • The return deadline for textbooks purchased for Summer 2018 is 4:30pm Saturday May 12th, 2018.

Since our 2005 beginning, we sincerely believe we deserve your business with more bookstore experience, extended hours and better prices.


Cash is great, but we also accept Interact, Visa, Mastercard and our own gift cards. These non-expiring gift cards can be purchased in any chosen amount ($25.00 minimum). Selling your books?

Selling? We Buy All The Time!

If we know the book is required now or in the upcoming semester, we might be able to pay 50% of the new book price in cash. We only buy books in good condition, but this price applies for both new and previously used books.

If your book is of current edition, we always check first if we can buy for the local market. If not, most current edition books have a wholesale value (usually 20-40% of new book price). We still pay cash and, you made some money before the book goes into a new edition. It makes sense (possibly good coin) to check all titles before putting them in a garage sale. We buy books year 'round.

Books on consignment


Books which have been used in the area before and are of current edition will be considered for consignment. Book(s) will be priced at local market value (70-75%) of new book price and, the money is yours when the book sells. We only take a 20% commission for this service.


If the book has no commercial value, you might consider letting us donate or recycle the book. A 20 year old Canadian History book will probably have no global value, but a 5 year old Nursing textbook could be highly desirable in Cameroon. Textbooks are very expensive to send by container, but many are worth the expense. With dedicated volunteers and fundraising in Kelowna, EDUCARE-Africa has first refusal on all donated books before going to a recycling bin. Find out more at EDUCARE-Africa.