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Welcome to Okanagan Textbook Exchange Ltd.!

Okanagan Textbook Exchange Off-campus by choice (free parking and a bus route), the Okanagan Textbook Exchange is centrally located in Kelowna, BC. We sell current edition University/College textbooks, we'll save you money on both new and used titles. With approximately 100,000 titles on our buy list, we source and provide current edition textbooks for the local and North American market. Most current edition books and - and many classic novels - have cash value; let us know what you have. Canadian/US Exchange rates have created a nice premium for books needed by the US wholesale market. We buy all the time!

Selling books on consignment is also an option we provide. We will accept your textbook for consignment if it is on a school list or should appear before a new edition becomes available. We charge 20% commission for this service.

Our goal has always been to maximize your payment return on books. Partnering with the Nebraska Book Company, we offer the best buyback in town with approximately 100,000 titles needed in the US and Canada (along with our local market). This is instant payment for your books and, we buy all the time!

It is always worth checking all your books at our store. Unfortunately very few non-current editions can be purchased. As local recycling of old books is not an option, we have partnered with Better World Books for hopeful distribution (free or by sale) and recycling if distribution is not possible. If a book is successfully sold by Better World Books, Room to Read. charity is our chosen financial benefactor. For our shipments to Better World Books, almost any quality book less than 10 years old will be accepted. As of December 15, 2019, we have sent 17,005 books to Better World Books. 9,518 books have been Reused and 7,487 have been Recycled. This partnership has saved many books from going to our landfill!

Buy, Sell or Consign ~ We want to be your bookstore!